It Really WAS Good!

So, when I was a kid I had this love for certain sandwiches. I ate one almost every day, when I got home from school. It was not your typical sandwich, mind you, but I looked forward to it! Here’s the recipe: I got two pieces of Wonder Bread (white bread wasn’t vilified back in … Continue reading It Really WAS Good!

Writing 101(day nine): Why Now?

"We couldn’t ask for more beautiful day!" said the man to his wife, as they sauntered through the park together, hand-in-hand. His wife was quiet, but she smiled sweetly. “She finally seems content.," he thought silently. The events of the last few months had exhausted his wife. But now, she seemed to rise from her … Continue reading Writing 101(day nine): Why Now?

Writing 101(day eight): Death to Adverbs

His sad, clown-like eyes shine a deep but vibrant brown. A mess of amber hair is sliced with a patch of white at his right temple. His nose twitches. I watch his eyebrows express curiosity as well as laziness as he looks about the room without moving his head. His lower jaw juts forward to … Continue reading Writing 101(day eight): Death to Adverbs

Writing 101(day, seven): Give and Take.

"I require proof of everything!" snorted the haughty man. The Mystic replied, "If you require proof of everything,you will never reach Enlightenment." There was a long silence, while the two men sipped hot green tea. The man, staring at the crude, dirt floor, sighed. with impatient irritation. "How do you expect modern-day society to accept … Continue reading Writing 101(day, seven): Give and Take.

Writing 101 (day 6): The Most Interesting Person I Have Met This Year

The Most Interesting Person I Have Met This Year Her eyes sparkle with nervous energy. Her laughter and enthusiasm make her appear to be on the verge of almost happily jumping out of her own skin at any moment while speaking. She looks me directly in the eye and I sense that she is genuinely … Continue reading Writing 101 (day 6): The Most Interesting Person I Have Met This Year

Writing 101 (day 5): Be brief

Writing 101: be brief. During my daily walk, an unusually high wind gust picked up a piece of crumpled paper and gently placed it at my feet. I picked it up and read: "Dear son: as the care of you has become too burdensome for my drug addicted mind and body to bear, I have … Continue reading Writing 101 (day 5): Be brief

Serial Loss: Writing 101

Writing 101: day 4 Today I am writing about a loss: something or someone that was part of my life that is not anymore. One of my earliest and most significant losses was the loss of my first dog. His name was Bouvier, but we called him Boot-wa. It was a cold, snowy night in … Continue reading Serial Loss: Writing 101