Writing 101 (day 5): Be brief

Writing 101: be brief.

During my daily walk, an unusually high wind gust picked up a piece of crumpled paper and gently placed it at my feet. I picked it up and read:

“Dear son: as the care of you has become too burdensome for my drug addicted mind and body to bear, I have chosen to leave you with your Mi-Ma. I know she will take good care of you. Will you ever forgive me for being so weak? Your life will be better off without me. You are now the five-year-old, “man of the house.” Take good care of your grandmother, she is frail. Love, Mom.”

I have often wondered what happened to this poor little boy and his grandmother. If only I knew more…At this point, I kneeled to pray on the sidewalk. I am so grateful for my family.


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