A is for Armor (Blogging from A to Z)


There are times when the acridity in my voice is castrating. I have been known to slice steel with my remarks. Why? From where do these hateful remarks come? I think I know. Somewhere behind my gold-plated ARMOR is a woman who feels she must cut before being cut. She must strike before being struck. She must destroy before being destroyed.This woman protects the child within. This woman relies on a sniper to dutifully guard the seemingly fragile child. Even in times of peace, the sniper is alert in a Cold War, awaiting any onslaught, any perceived threat.Duty calls!

Nevertheless, due to new and thoughtfully-placed boundaries that the woman had been sorely lacking in the past, the child begins to thrive and grow. Day by day, the woman observes the inverse relationship between appropriate boundary-setting and the decreased need for the sniper. The woman observes the newfound beauty that arises in the child when the sniper no longer feels the need to protect or retaliate. The woman is taking off her armor. The woman is trusting herself to set appropriate boundaries. The woman is protecting the child. The sniper is becoming unnecessary. Safety is returning. The child is losing its fragility. The woman is taking her seat at the head of her life’s table.


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