100 ways to say “I love you”

Thank you, Marina Richter for this list. We often take our loved ones for granted.  Love this list! Read on! MO How To Tell Someone You Love Them Subtly Yet Sweetly (100 Ways Provided) Marina RichterFreelance Writer   For all of their love, strength, and beauty, relationships can be fragile things and, much like a … Continue reading 100 ways to say “I love you”

An extraordinary personal ad

Amy Krouse Rosenthal, an amazing author, was able to "market" her husband while on her last leg of a fatal diagnosis. Her unselfishness is a beacon for me. Just WOW. Read on! MO You May Want to Marry My Husband BRIAN REA MARCH 3, 2017 Modern Love By AMY KROUSE ROSENTHAL Note: Amy Krouse Rosenthal … Continue reading An extraordinary personal ad

Computer screen ruining my sleep? Yes.

Thank you Steven for this info. You've proven my theory...real books only, after dark, for me. READ ON! MO When I see patients, they often take out their phones to take notes, check their calendars, or even Google something. And sometimes, once they’ve completed their screen-related task, they continue to play with their device. It … Continue reading Computer screen ruining my sleep? Yes.

Writers not writing?

I love this article. Do I avoid writing because I'm depressed or do I get depressed because I've been avoiding writing? Seems to be the latter! Meg says it well. Write on! Mo by Meg Dowell For the first week of 2017, because of the new year, I did not write any articles. Clients either … Continue reading Writers not writing?

Houston’s lovely diversity

I moved from Kansas City (non-diverse) to Houston (very diverse) 4 months ago.  This writer describes Houston perfectly. I love this place! The weather is great, too. Warm all the time. Read on! Thanks David for your insightful writing! http://www.nationalreview.com/article/445621/houston-multicultural-diversity-david-brooks-fact-fiction

Dear Friend, Who is struggling…

Thank you, Wonderoak for this inspirational piece on rising from the depths of anxiety and fear. I am so grateful to have my friends and to be a friend to them.


Dear Friend,

I sat across from you today. You are struggling, you are tired.

As looked into her eyes I recognized the exhaustion and the fear. I recognized the question, the one that asks am I going to be okay? I remembered a dark season in my life. I remembered when I was so undone with anxiety that I couldn’t take the kids to the beach or even make it out of the house.

I remembered when I had no hope.

I remembered a friend who showed up every single day on my doorstep. She’d ask, “What are you afraid of today?” I’d tell her and she’d listen. She’d really listen…that was the gift. When I’d run all out of words I would sit shaking on my porch trying to feel the sun that beat down all around me, but never touched my skin.

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