GROWN -a poem

my picker broke at age 13 a GROWN man loved me -just a teen he sang me love songs on the phone while he pretended I was GROWN two years later through a friend virginity came to an end New Year’s eve and pink champagne forced it on me, gave me pain four weeks later … Continue reading GROWN -a poem

Christmas Mayhem – a poem

“...for folks whose Christmas was RUFF.”   Holiday season it’s that time of year everyone wishing one another good cheer  wrapping the boxes for family and friends Christmas cards signed and ready to send  Christmas is coming I hope it goes well good day or bad day you never can tell  I pray to the … Continue reading Christmas Mayhem – a poem


the liquor bottle stands upon the counter clear and tall then suddenly transforms itself into a crystal ball predicts the nightly shoving match - they're up against the wall foresees the argument that precedes my next 911 call every time I see the bottle sitting three-fourths empty I have to use the headphones that my … Continue reading BOTTLES


was it all a bad mistake were we jerks who took the bait when they said it wouldn’t take we laughed years into our fragile mess knowing that we failed the test faking it for all the rest we dashed little secrets grew in size then we made up alibis trying to keep our love … Continue reading TANKED


ENFORCING……… YOUR……… SILENCE........ helps you get your way makes you the aggressor in a passive sort of way telling me it’s not your fault you’ve gotta make me pay my behavior is to blame I’m lucky that you stay being certain not to speak nothing more to say this might drag on for a week … Continue reading SILENCES


-a poem Dim lights brightening  dusty lights covered with a 12-year film of inactivity  receding from the world outside  struggling with this physical body that’s rebelling  failing to live up to immense expectations  taken for granted as a tool always available and at my disposal  lights flickering buzzing  changing hue and temperature  lights blinking on … Continue reading LIGHTS

SECRETS – a poem for the secret keepers

SECRETS -a poem By Stacey Patterson Secrets in the bed room, secrets in the bath Secrets in a box say, "Half is whole and whole is half." "The skies are very RED today and isn’t it divine? I’ll die before I let you know what’s running through my mind." Secrets swarm and secrets swirl 'round … Continue reading SECRETS – a poem for the secret keepers