SECRETS – a poem for the secret keepers


-a poem

By Stacey Patterson

Secrets in the bed room, secrets in the bath
Secrets in a box say, “Half is whole and whole is half.”

“The skies are very RED today and isn’t it divine?
I’ll die before I let you know what’s running through my mind.”

Secrets swarm and secrets swirl ’round family and friends
Secrets at the beginning and now secrets at the end

“Shush,” they say, “don’t tell a soul- it’s private, don’t you know?
Keep everything hidden and don’t let our secrets show!”

Secrets gobble up the truth- secrets high and low
No one can imagine just how far the secrets go

Secrets here and secrets there, secrets all around
Secrets say, “Police are here! Crouch down, don’t make a sound!”

Secrets in the corner of the basement in the night
Secrets held from dusk till dawn are secrets in the light

Secrets in the cookie jar, secrets in the tank
“Show the nice man what YOU did, be honest and be frank!”

Secrets in the magazines, secrets in the tapes
Late night secret phone calls turned my loving heart to hate

Some secrets are polka dot and some are red and blue
If you let your secret out, they’ll say, “It’s just not true.”

So keep it to yourself for now and stay strong till the end
It’s just like playing masquerade -be silent and pretend

Don’t let them catch you spilling beans, you’ll just get labeled traitor
Keep all the secrets in your head, don’t write them down on paper

Life would be so different without secrets left to keep
Secrets up above my head and secrets at my feet

Quiet whispers down the stairs- doesn’t anybody care? –
(“Tell the truth girl if you dare!”)
This SECRET’S drowning ME.

(C) Copyright -Stacey M. Patterson (Mo) and MugglestonesAndMayhem. All rights reserved.

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