The pint ~ a love story

My daddy drinks a pint a day but please don’t call the cops my daddy drinks a pint a day and says he just can’t stop I’m so afraid that vodka drink will cause his life to end but every day he drinks it up again again again my daddy drinks a pint a day … Continue reading The pint ~ a love story

Don’t Tell ~ a poem

Don’t tell mom and don’t tell dad just keep it to yourself don’t tell grandpa don’t tell grandma they’ll withdraw the wealth don’t tell him and don’t tell her secrets keep me safe don’t tell those and don’t tell them keep a poker face don’t dare let the secrets out it’s how my I play … Continue reading Don’t Tell ~ a poem

The Endless Struggle- a poem

We push and pull and turn around no consensus will be found yanking here and yanking there arguments from clear thin air Rolling over both of us wrestling now we’re in the dust poking eyeballs pulling hair metaphors that show we care... ...too much for our own ego can’t give up and can’t let go … Continue reading The Endless Struggle- a poem