That new virus – all the rage

Headlines jumping off the page

Coughing sputtering sickened too

Some people are turning blue

Hospitals are quite a scare

No ventilators to spare

People wrapped in sheets and dying

Drive-through funerals people crying

World pandemic’s taken over

Park your car shut down your motor

Go into your house and stay

All I know to do is pray

Growing vittles In your garden

Dangerous thieves are getting pardoned

COVID-19 has control

Exponential world death toll

Wash your hands cough in your elbow

When it ends we just can’t tell though

Everybody’s scared to death

And grandma just took her last breath

Grandpa’s on a ventilator

Watch the news or read the paper

No one can escape its wrath

Virus kicking human ass

Tell us what we need to do

It’s the real deal not the flu

People suffering everywhere

Help us God this isn’t fair

We do not deserve this plight

It seems to worsen overnight

It really seems the world may end

So I surround myself with friends

And tell them don’t give up the fight

We’ll beat this if we do it right

New York is the epicenter

Restaurants can’t serve you dinner

People who are sick and aging

Die the most from this contagion

Military can’t protect you

This pandemic’s gonna get you

Stay inside nowhere to go

For about a month or so

That new virus -all the rage

Stay inside so you’ll be saved

(C) Copyright -Stacey M. Patterson (Mo) and MugglestonesAndMayhem. All rights reserved.

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