Sweetie, I Left

This poem is dedicated to my two amazing children, who have grown into the most impressive adults I know.

Sweetie, I left because the strong part of me was quickly crumbling

I left ‘cause I could no longer see hope, and

I left ‘cause the foundation crack was widening and deepening

I left ‘cause dreams were over. I awoke.

I left because I could no longer hear once lovely music

I left to preserve that last small morsel of me

I left to save this woman, this daughter, this mother

I left to escape the chasm between the dream and the reality

I left to stop the charade and the unending pretending

I left ‘though desperately afraid of a horrifying ending

I left because the rotten had spoiled all the freshest places

I left ‘cause I could find no safety in our own shared spaces

I left to re-kindle my then inner dying fire

I left ‘though the church said it was a sin

I left to escape the shocking images on the screen

I left while running away from my very own little girl dreams

I left because the lemonade had turned to simply lemon

I couldn’t keep the secret that objectified the women

The Haskins house, the Mackey house, the Marty house, they lied

They never housed the trust we lost although they really tried

The therapist we saw pronounced US dead on our arrival

He told us that our lack of trust precluded OUR survival

So, I left the appearance that all was, “fine, just fine”

I left even though I STILL might not be seen as kind

I left, but I FIRST grabbed someone else’s hand before I did it

I didn’t want to be alone. Maybe I should have hid it?

but I left and I’m stronger because I finally did

I left. I’m so sorry. You were just a kid, when

I left.

But Sweetie, I never left YOU.

(C) Copyright -Stacey M. Patterson (Mo) and MugglestonesAndMayhem. All rights reserved.

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