Words of Wisdom

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Recently I was listening to Jim Rohn on YouTube as he distilled several points on how to be more efficient and how to live more effectively. He shared so many gems that I decided I must write them down. I think you’ll find this list simplistic, yet effective. Here’s his list:

Jim Rohn wisdom statements

1. Don’t major in minor things – action is the only thing that really counts. “Preparing for,” is minor time. “Present action,” is major time.

2. Don’t mistake movement for achievement. Are you progressing forward or just making figure eights?

3. Don’t mistake courtesy for consent. A customer’s pleasant nodding does not mean you’ve made the sale.

4. Concentration: Save the work until you get to the work (at the office). Don’t try to get to the office on the way to work. On the way to work, enjoy the way, in the shower, enjoy the shower. When you get to work enjoy the work.

5. Learn to say no. Instead of, “yes yes yes,” learn to say, “I don’t think so, but if that changes I’ll call you.” Ron Reynolds says,“Don’t let your mouth overload your back.”

6. Time management: when you work, work. When you play, play. Don’t mix the two. Don’t work at play (don’t take your briefcase to the beach), and don’t play at work. (don’t be the office joker) Treat work with all due conservative passion, because it’s leading you to your future.

7. Every job is noble, there is no menial work. It’s life-training for pay; you are making a contribution to society.

8. Analyze who you are, and if you have some weaknesses, outsource! Get them covered by someone else who excels in that area.

9. Beware of the telephone and all communication systems, especially at home. Let all communication systems serve you but not intrude on your life. (they shouldn’t reach you when you’re having dinner with your family) Make sure you have a place that is sacrosanct and valuable in your life with your loved ones.

10. If you’ve got some challenges, read all the books on it, there are plenty.

11. Be alert to things that are stealing your time.

12. Time management: learn to ask questions upfront rather than after talking for an hour. Get to the meat of it.

13. Learn to think on paper.

14. -Solving problems- get it out of your head and put it on paper.

15. -set goals on paper.

16. -Make lists.

17. -Make a project book with different tabs for different projects and write a little summary regularly on how that project is going and how it’s going with that person you’re dealing with. For example, “ The last time you were with so and so, on such and such project, here’s what was said between you and what was decided.” Very useful.

18. -Keep a Daytimer for specific appointments.

19. -have a written game plan for future plans.

20. Keep a journal for collecting good ideas For health, business, time management, etc. The entries can be brief – some ideas will never come around again. Capture them!

21. Stop taking notes on sticky Post-it’s and backs of envelopes, which doesn’t serve anyone. Start keeping a bound journal where all of it is stored. All of your great ideas will be collected privately for your children and your grandchildren to learn from.

22. Leave behind three treasures for your family: your journals, your pictures, & your library (books that changed your life, your health, that rescued you from oblivion, made you financially independent, developed your leadership, books that you passed on to others as treasures, books that helped you plant in the spring and harvest in the fall)

What did you think about these words of wisdom? What # is your favorite? I love number two; I’ve got to stop doing figure eights! Do you have any wise tips to add? Please share in the comments below!

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To listen to Jim Rohn’s YouTube presentation, visit https://youtu.be/4cfbvM-TFjY

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