Hello dear one! So glad to have you! Take your coat off and stay a bit!  I will share a little about myself. Please reciprocate! Your input brings my joy!

A finance attorney by trade, I finally had to surrender to my true callings of writing and music. I am in love with non-fiction and can’t live without my public library!

As a former Big Eight college cheerleader and a past lead singer in four different bands, I do NOT shy away from the spotlight!  I am a life-long musician (lead vocals, bass guitar and piano) so I am always jamming with friends when I can. Chronic pain plagues me daily, but I’ll be darned if it’s going to stop me from living my dreams!

I love making jewelry out of semi-precious stones. I speak a little Spanish and a little French.  I have plans to travel more!

I write cathartic poetry. My muse often visits me while I’m sleeping and I wake up with a poem on my lips. What a gift.

Daily meditation, prayer, exercise and affirmations keep me sane.  Mayhem is a constant in this world. However, I strive to learn from the chaos when I’m not avoiding it. Mugglestones, or similar healthy energy tools, are my invitations to see silver linings!

We all know what mayhem is, but what is a Mugglestone, you ask?

Mugglestone, a combination of Golden Brown Tiger Eye, Hematite, and Red Jasper, exhibits the metaphysical properties of its components, as well as its own.

This stone is the perfect companion for those who tend to take on others feelings and emotions, whether consciously or unconsciously. Mugglestone is a great stone to use for creative solutions and ideas. Many musicians, artists, actors, and writers find this stone to be a perfect ally in their pursuits, but it is also helpful for any in the working world to come up with new ways of dealing with old problems.

Mugglestones help you to regroup and calm scattered energies, especially after conflicts with other people, as in groups.  I find Mugglestones’ delightfully energetic and empowering! Now you know!

Do you choose to participate in mayhem or harmony today? You can guess my answer…

Love, Peace and Mugglestones to you, my friend!

Mugglestone Mo

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6 thoughts on “All About Me!

    1. Mo says:

      Thank you so much J for including my About Me in your featured posts! U absolutely made my day! Love and light to you and yours!


  1. Greta Lamfel says:

    Good day, Mo

    Thanks for the follow! How have you been and how’s your blog doing?
    I created a blogger tips group to connect with all my long last WordPress blogger friends, and to help all of us to learn from each other. I would love for you to share your knowledge in the group and connect with other bloggers. Here’s the link:
    Blogger Tips Group

    Finally, here’s a blog I thought you may find interesting:
    The Ripple Effect of Blogging

    Best regards,
    Founder of Healthy Living

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