The pint ~ a love story

My daddy drinks a pint a day but please don’t call the cops my daddy drinks a pint a day and says he just can’t stop I’m so afraid that vodka drink will cause his life to end but every day he drinks it up again again again my daddy drinks a pint a day … Continue reading The pint ~ a love story

Don’t Tell ~ a poem

Don’t tell mom and don’t tell dad just keep it to yourself don’t tell grandpa don’t tell grandma they’ll withdraw the wealth don’t tell him and don’t tell her secrets keep me safe don’t tell those and don’t tell them keep a poker face don’t dare let the secrets out it’s how my I play … Continue reading Don’t Tell ~ a poem

Christmas Mayhem – a poem

“...for folks whose Christmas was RUFF.”   Holiday season it’s that time of year everyone wishing one another good cheer  wrapping the boxes for family and friends Christmas cards signed and ready to send  Christmas is coming I hope it goes well good day or bad day you never can tell  I pray to the … Continue reading Christmas Mayhem – a poem


the liquor bottle stands upon the counter clear and tall then suddenly transforms itself into a crystal ball predicts the nightly shoving match - they're up against the wall foresees the argument that precedes my next 911 call every time I see the bottle sitting three-fourths empty I have to use the headphones that my … Continue reading BOTTLES


ENFORCING……… YOUR……… SILENCE........ helps you get your way makes you the aggressor in a passive sort of way telling me it’s not your fault you’ve gotta make me pay my behavior is to blame I’m lucky that you stay being certain not to speak nothing more to say this might drag on for a week … Continue reading SILENCES

What’s Normal Drinking? — A Spiritual Evolution

Suppose I give you an algorithm to figure out whether or not you’re a normal drinker. I tell you to take the number of drinks you’d consume on an average Tuesday, multiply it by a rough estimate of times you’ve “had too much” and divide that by the number of drinks that would qualify as […] … Continue reading What’s Normal Drinking? — A Spiritual Evolution

The Truth is What We Save From the Fire

Recovery programs call our useless running, “getting something we don’t have,” or “keeping something we don’t want to lose.” Greg Baer, in his book, Real Love, calls it “Getting and Protecting Behavior.” Whatever you call it, it’s how we shield ourselves from pain. Check out blogger Matt”s great insights about this tough part of existence! Thanks Matt!

Must Be This Tall To Ride

Value of hard things vs. easy things Like vigorous exercise, a disciplined reading regiment, and giving more than we take in our marriages, there is VALUE — tons of it — in doing hard things. So maybe don’t run away. Maybe allowing ourselves to feel is THE way. (Image/Carl Richards – New York Times)

I’m afraid of someone using a circular handsaw to cut open my skull.

But I’m more afraid of dying, so if the choice is certain death or brain surgery, I would choose brain surgery.

I’m afraid of jumping off of 100-foot cliffs into unknown waters.

But I’m more afraid of being eaten by big-ass dinosaurs, so if a genetically modified hybrid Jurassic World dinosaur was chasing me, I would totally jump if the alternative was being Indominus Rex’s lunch.

Broken down in the most primitive way possible, human beings are motivated by just two things:

  1. Feeling pleasure
  2. Avoiding pain

Psychologists say most people…

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