Ode to Invisible Disabilities


You tell me, Wow, you don’t look sick,” when makeup’s on my face
As I venture out courageously concealing my back brace

You tell me,”Hey. you don’t look sick,” when I try to look carefree
but there’s a crippling pain within that you will never see

You tell me, “Great, you don’t look sick!” and congratulate my stance
but you don’t know how long it took to don this shirt and pants

You tell me, “But you don’t look sick,” and I should feel my power
but don’t you know that it was hard to just get in the shower

And when you say, “You don’t look sick,” I often don’t reply
but when you say these hurtful words I often want to cry

I try so hard to fit in with the world of able-bodies
but I can’t go out running or do Yoga or Pilates

For when I do the pain is such that I can’t even stand
and then you wonder why you haven’t seen me lately, “Damn!”

I can’t get out of bed sometimes to simply brush my teeth
and must rely on other folks to bring me food to eat

So when you say, “You don’t look sick,” please take a bit more care
To think about the feelings of which you are unaware

For when you say,”You don’t look sick,” you disrespect my strife
my smile does not reflect the pain that I have in my life

And when you say, “You don’t look sick,” I ask you to look deep
and recognize that looks deceive and pain can be discreet

At times I’m wheelchair-bound and I know you can’t understand
but when you see me in my rig, just gently take my hand

Try asking how I’m doing -I will say, “The best I can,”

…and that’s enough.

(C) Copyright -Stacey M. Patterson. All rights reserved.

The Cruelest Months, NaPoWriMo day 5

seedlingFamily begins their gathering, turkey’s golden brown
after we have come together, we can’t wait to sit down

Then comes shopping hysteria, morning noon and night
can’t wait for Christmas day because this season is a fright

My birthday then approaches, at the end of the first month
Family party is great fun, but still a snowy crunch

Wind is howling in my ear, enter the deep freeze
and then comes February, March and April-the cruelest months of these!

But when I start seedlings inside, with artificial heat
I anticipate the Springtime, that season can’t be beat

But how long will I have to wait- 3 months I fear is just too great!
I need to know the last frost date! My gardening awaits!

(C) Copyright -Stacey M. Patterson. All rights reserved.

Fan mail poem, Napowrimo 3

Skin glistening,

Teeth like pearls

I wish was your only girl.

Eyes glued,

Fixed and locked

Seeing you live is such a shock.

My mind and body rock to your words

Hoping, wishing, waiting,

Knowing that the show will end too soon

Fully anticipating

LL Cool J in my dreams tonight.ll-cool-j