struggling struggling major organs shutting down suffering suffering i’m not ready for this now acceptance acceptance don’t know why and don’t know how reaching reaching not ready for his final bow help me help me show me where to get some grace hold me hold me look into my tearful face gently gently tell me … Continue reading Acceptance


Everything that’s fresh and new speaks to me in springtime Celebrate love, deep and true each and every springtime Open buds and birds ‘a tweet blossoms burst, a scented treat warm embraces, soft lips meet when things are new in springtime Longer days and moonlit nights capture me in springtime Crisp mornings with sunlight bright … Continue reading Springtime

Gone but not Forgotten

Missing you. My dearest Pat: Pat, Whatever will we do without your happy, loving smile? Whenever you were asked to help, you’d go the extra mile. We depended on your calming air and practical demeanor. If not for your white hair, we’d never know you were a senior. Your care and your enthusiasm made you … Continue reading Gone but not Forgotten

Halloween: a strange and ghoulish holiday!

Halloween is only two weeks away. On this day, for those who may be unfamiliar, American parents buy their kids costumes, such as ghosts. They take them door to door in their neighborhoods, gathering all the candy their tiny teeth can handle. Older kids and adults also don costumes and attend masquerade parties. What a … Continue reading Halloween: a strange and ghoulish holiday!

Survival Mountain

It was a weeknight on a winter evening. The day had been unseasonably warm. Fantastic short-sleeve weather was always an ominous warning of a serious weather change approaching our midwestern city. Bad weather was on its way, as usual. I was working at a local restaurant. All of my regulars were there, watching sports and … Continue reading Survival Mountain

The Anti-Mother’s Day poem

Have you tears to wipe away? When kids don’t call on Mother’s Day “Payback is a bitch!” kids say, When kids don’t call on Mother’s Day Disregard their mother’s wishes Don’t care how she washed the dishes Wiped their noses, gave them kisses When kids don’t call on Mother’s Day “Will Mom’s heart break apart … Continue reading The Anti-Mother’s Day poem

Screw It

A poem about mental illness My mothers rage is off the page she can’t control emotion her laughter and her tears are like the current of the ocean Her hate and her deceit are like an awful witches potion when I was small she shook me ‘til I couldn’t stand the motion I don’t know … Continue reading Screw It

The Healing Place

what is this place? I just can’t see why it’s so crowded here who made this place I stumbled upon it sometime last year who runs this place? it seems the owners have begun to serve I see YOUR face although MY mask stays put and undisturbed... what do you do in such a place … Continue reading The Healing Place