Crazy & Free

My pride is hurt, i'm CRAZY blue But it's no longer about you You loved me and you left me too Enjoy yourself with someone new Now go along your merry way You're in my past where I can't stay And if you think you've stepped on me Well, rest assured, I'm finally FREE! (C) … Continue reading Crazy & Free

Ode to Invisible Disabilities

You tell me, Wow, you don't look sick," when makeup's on my face As I venture out courageously concealing my back brace You tell me,"Hey. you don't look sick," when I try to look carefree but there's a crippling pain within that you will never see You tell me, "Great, you don't look sick!" and … Continue reading Ode to Invisible Disabilities

A is for Armor (Blogging from A to Z)

There are times when the acridity in my voice is castrating. I have been known to slice steel with my remarks. Why? From where do these hateful remarks come? I think I know. Somewhere behind my gold-plated ARMOR is a woman who feels she must cut before being cut. She must strike before being struck. … Continue reading A is for Armor (Blogging from A to Z)