Have a Heart

Stacey was choking to death. Everyone in the auditorium was laughing, but she was choking. She couldn’t breathe. Doubled over in a desperate attempt to suck some air back into her lungs, her mind began to race. “I’m going to die here. no one knows I’m choking. I look like I’m laughing, but I’m going … Continue reading Have a Heart

Save the Bees – a poem

Bee, I see you flying, buzzing, chasing after ME Bee, you need to stop harassing MY whole family All WE ask of you is peace, just leave US to our tasks It’s much too hard to run from you AND have to wear a mask Bee, I know you’re after ME and trying to ruin … Continue reading Save the Bees – a poem

How to be a racial justice ally

Many people want to help in the ongoing struggle for equality and equity, but they don’t know what to do. Activist DeRay Mckesson explains how we can all show up and stand up. 1. Own your privilege. “Acknowledge that there is a privilege you have [if you’re white], and use the privilege to disrupt that … Continue reading How to be a racial justice ally