Indulgent, an ekphrastic poem

“The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt Creeping like a vine  slow  silent indulgent  wrapped around my body  convinced, tired limbs fall slack  eyes resist but  gently  smoothly lusciously I am smuggled into succulent dreams bathed  rocked  soothed   into sleep. (C) Copyright -Stacey M. Patterson (Mo) and MugglestonesAndMayhem. All rights reserved.

Not Wrong, a poem

“You’re not wrong,” my son says, as he strokes his black goatee, “Mom, stay strong,” my son says. With those eyes, he looks like me. Broadened shoulders, lengthened legs, he sure is stretchin’ out! He usually dons a shirt and tie because he likes the clout. “You’re not wrong,” my son says, as he drinks … Continue reading Not Wrong, a poem


struggling struggling major organs shutting down suffering suffering i’m not ready for this now acceptance acceptance don’t know why and don’t know how reaching reaching not ready for his final bow help me help me show me where to get some grace hold me hold me look into my tearful face gently gently tell me … Continue reading Acceptance


it happened when I was so young  unable to understand it was forever it happened when I was so young  scarring me,  as a burn on tender skin  scalding my sensibilities ripping away naïveté charring my existence black powdery residue  staining all I touched as filthy fingerprints on a delicate white lace doily washed  again  … Continue reading Charred

Save the Bees – a poem

Bee, I see you flying, buzzing, chasing after ME Bee, you need to stop harassing MY whole family All WE ask of you is peace, just leave US to our tasks It’s much too hard to run from you AND have to wear a mask Bee, I know you’re after ME and trying to ruin … Continue reading Save the Bees – a poem

Patriarchy – a poem

Tame that cheetah lock her up because she’s dangerous as fuck when she figures out the game, she might attack tame that cheetah lock her up because she’s dangerous as fuck If she knows she’s strong she’ll want her power back tame that cheetah lock her up because she’s dangerous as fuck but don’t tell … Continue reading Patriarchy – a poem


WHO is the Sunshine gleaming at a world of pronounced darkness? WHO is behind those splendid heated rays? I wonder WHY that WHO forgives MY darkness, each dawn, after I return from MY descent, like Orpheus, trying to reclaim lost love in the night previous... My morning words, O’harian diaries of secrets illuminated by that … Continue reading WHO

The Anti-Mother’s Day poem

Have you tears to wipe away? When kids don’t call on Mother’s Day “Payback is a bitch!” kids say, When kids don’t call on Mother’s Day Disregard their mother’s wishes Don’t care how she washed the dishes Wiped their noses, gave them kisses When kids don’t call on Mother’s Day “Will Mom’s heart break apart … Continue reading The Anti-Mother’s Day poem

Sweetie, I Left

This poem is dedicated to my two amazing children, who have grown into the most impressive adults I know. Sweetie, I left because the strong part of me was quickly crumbling I left ‘cause I could no longer see hope, and I left ‘cause the foundation crack was widening and deepening I left ‘cause dreams … Continue reading Sweetie, I Left

The Crew – a poem

Thinking ‘bout the Covid virus poetry on thin papyrus people dying such a scare panic striking everywhere nightly meetings with my friends 10 o’clock is when they end one hour of calming fears one more hour fighting tears virtual meetings unsuspected thankfully keep us connected voicing our depression brings fear and anger quarantined tried to … Continue reading The Crew – a poem