Why do Writers Write in Coffee Shops?

Thanks to Robin Storey for this article, musing about the writer's life. Enjoy! MO **** Since becoming a full-time writer I’ve become a cliché – I love writing in coffee shops. I’ve written in a previous postabout my local library being my favourite office away from home, but coffee shops come in as equal favourite. IT'S … Continue reading Why do Writers Write in Coffee Shops?

Declutter Day 10! Progress!

  It's day 10 of the Minimalism Game...how's the decluttering? Hope it's great! I'm sticking with it. If it doesn't bring me JOY, it is out of here! 30 things are GONE so far! Woohoo! If you haven't joined the fun, start where you are. Here are the instructions... https://smp19671.wordpress.com/2016/08/31/30-day-minimalism-game-come-out-and-play/ Mo Image courtesy of Ericadhawan.com

If it doesn’t suck, It’s not worth doing

I was so inspired by this article that I had to pass it along. I am sort of a productivity junkie, and if you are too, check out this article by Benjamin P. Hardy! Mo If It Doesn’t Suck, It’s Not Worth Doing https://medium.com/the-mission/if-it-doesnt-suck-it-s-not-worth-doing-1efdc6eb695c#.rl27ss14s According to psychological research, the anticipation of an event is almost always … Continue reading If it doesn’t suck, It’s not worth doing