Patriarchy – a poem

Tame that cheetah lock her up because she’s dangerous as fuck when she figures out the game, she might attack tame that cheetah lock her up because she’s dangerous as fuck If she knows she’s strong she’ll want her power back tame that cheetah lock her up because she’s dangerous as fuck but don’t tell … Continue reading Patriarchy – a poem

Sweetie, I Left

This poem is dedicated to my two amazing children, who have grown into the most impressive adults I know. Sweetie, I left because the strong part of me was quickly crumbling I left ‘cause I could no longer see hope, and I left ‘cause the foundation crack was widening and deepening I left ‘cause dreams … Continue reading Sweetie, I Left

Don’t Tell ~ a poem

Don’t tell mom and don’t tell dad just keep it to yourself don’t tell grandpa don’t tell grandma they’ll withdraw the wealth don’t tell him and don’t tell her secrets keep me safe don’t tell those and don’t tell them keep a poker face don’t dare let the secrets out it’s how my I play … Continue reading Don’t Tell ~ a poem

The Endless Struggle- a poem

We push and pull and turn around no consensus will be found yanking here and yanking there arguments from clear thin air Rolling over both of us wrestling now we’re in the dust poking eyeballs pulling hair metaphors that show we care... ...too much for our own ego can’t give up and can’t let go … Continue reading The Endless Struggle- a poem

PORN, a poem

pornography won’t teach you how to build a life together pornography won’t teach you how to get through stormy weather pornography won’t tell you that it’s really just a lie pornography it wants to get attention on the sly pornography breaks up the home and breaks the people in it pornography’s illusion makes you think … Continue reading PORN, a poem

Screw It

A poem about mental illness My mothers rage is off the page she can’t control emotion her laughter and her tears are like the current of the ocean Her hate and her deceit are like an awful witches potion when I was small she shook me ‘til I couldn’t stand the motion I don’t know … Continue reading Screw It

The Healing Place

what is this place? I just can’t see why it’s so crowded here who made this place I stumbled upon it sometime last year who runs this place? it seems the owners have begun to serve I see YOUR face although MY mask stays put and undisturbed... what do you do in such a place … Continue reading The Healing Place

CREEPY- a poem

U. R. creepy  even when you try to say you’re not with strippers & night time’s when you smoked a little pot greedy bigger house and bigger cars we bought parents pay your bills and hope you don’t get caught “Lourissa” that’s her name and don’t you say it’s not a secret hustlers for 10 … Continue reading CREEPY- a poem

GROWN -a poem

my picker broke at age 13 a GROWN man loved me -just a teen he sang me love songs on the phone while he pretended I was GROWN two years later through a friend virginity came to an end New Year’s eve and pink champagne forced it on me, gave me pain four weeks later … Continue reading GROWN -a poem


-a poem Dim lights brightening  dusty lights covered with a 12-year film of inactivity  receding from the world outside  struggling with this physical body that’s rebelling  failing to live up to immense expectations  taken for granted as a tool always available and at my disposal  lights flickering buzzing  changing hue and temperature  lights blinking on … Continue reading LIGHTS