It Really WAS Good!

So, when I was a kid I had this love for certain sandwiches. I ate one almost every day, when I got home from school. It was not your typical sandwich, mind you, but I looked forward to it! Here’s the recipe: I got two pieces of Wonder Bread (white bread wasn’t vilified back in … Continue reading It Really WAS Good!

Writing 101(day nine): Why Now?

"We couldn’t ask for more beautiful day!" said the man to his wife, as they sauntered through the park together, hand-in-hand. His wife was quiet, but she smiled sweetly. “She finally seems content.," he thought silently. The events of the last few months had exhausted his wife. But now, she seemed to rise from her … Continue reading Writing 101(day nine): Why Now?

Serial Loss: Writing 101

Writing 101: day 4 Today I am writing about a loss: something or someone that was part of my life that is not anymore. One of my earliest and most significant losses was the loss of my first dog. His name was Bouvier, but we called him Boot-wa. It was a cold, snowy night in … Continue reading Serial Loss: Writing 101