Indulgent, an ekphrastic poem

“The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt Creeping like a vine  slow  silent indulgent  wrapped around my body  convinced, tired limbs fall slack  eyes resist but  gently  smoothly lusciously I am smuggled into succulent dreams bathed  rocked  soothed   into sleep. (C) Copyright -Stacey M. Patterson (Mo) and MugglestonesAndMayhem. All rights reserved.

The Healing Place

what is this place? I just can’t see why it’s so crowded here who made this place I stumbled upon it sometime last year who runs this place? it seems the owners have begun to serve I see YOUR face although MY mask stays put and undisturbed... what do you do in such a place … Continue reading The Healing Place

Why do Writers Write in Coffee Shops?

Thanks to Robin Storey for this article, musing about the writer's life. Enjoy! MO **** Since becoming a full-time writer I’ve become a cliché – I love writing in coffee shops. I’ve written in a previous postabout my local library being my favourite office away from home, but coffee shops come in as equal favourite. IT'S … Continue reading Why do Writers Write in Coffee Shops?