An extraordinary personal ad

Amy Krouse Rosenthal, an amazing author, was able to “market” her husband while on her last leg of a fatal diagnosis. Her unselfishness is a beacon for me. Just WOW. Read on!


A to Z Blog challenges are challenging! Tips!

This article covers just about every excuse I have created for why I start strong at A and rarely get to Z! Read on for some great tips to make it all the way through the alphabet!


Blogging from A to Z April Challenge: How To Solve The Biggest #AtoZChallenge Problems

Writers not writing?

I love this article. Do I avoid writing because I’m depressed or do I get depressed because I’ve been avoiding writing? Seems to be the latter! Meg says it well. Write on!


by Meg Dowell For the first week of 2017, because of the new year, I did not write any articles. Clients either weren’t ready to assign them yet or they were having me work on other projects (because being a content creator means you get to write marketing emails too). For many of you, […]

via Why You’re Not You When You’re Not Writing — A Writer’s Path